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Career Outlook for Crime Scene Investigation

Job opportunities for CSIs and forensic technicians are expected to increase as a result of the judicial system’s continuing need for supporting evidence in court. However, these jobs are competitive. Agencies are looking for more sophisticated techniques and therefore training and education is key. Job opportunities will be best for crime lab professionals who have a degree in criminal justice.

Television shows about CSIs and a new awareness of forensic techniques in pop-culture has expanded the growth of this field. Juries now have more familiarity with the forensic procedures they have seen on television and, as a result, have more faith in the testimonies of CSIs. Because of this new trust, there is a new demand for CSIs and the work they do.

New technologies are also pushing for more positions in the forensic world as new and more complicated methods of evidence collection mean larger CSI teams are needed. As technology continues to advance, more jobs will become available.

The demand is high, and those looking to enter the CSI field can expect good promotion and expansion prospects.

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